Trash / Junk Removal

The City of Hartselle provides a fee based service to pick up household appliances, household miscellaneous items, and some construction materials.

Rules in a Nutshell

  • You must call the Public Works Department at 256-773-2643 before placing items out for pick up.
  • You cannot place items at curb more than two days before scheduled pick up.
  • Junk pile cannot exceed six cubic yards (or the equivalent of what can be fully contained in two standard one-half ton pickup truck beds without sideboards).
  • Cost is $15 (must be paid at City Hall prior to pick up).
  • $15 fee can be mailed to City Hall (611 Chestnut Street NW) to have items picked up; Include name, phone number, address, and list of items to be picked up with the payment.
  • $15 pick up is limited to once per address during any 30-day period. If more than one pick up is needed during any 30-day period, please contact Public Works for additional cost and pick up information.
  • City does not pick up tires, paints, household chemicals, batteries, electronics, shingles, treated woods, or medical waste. Call Public Works at 256-773-2643 for how to properly dispose of these items. 
  • City does not pick up any waste produced by a contractor or business.
  • City does not pick up items that cannot be disposed of or processed through the Hartselle C&D landfill.

What Does the Ordinance Say

The City will pick up large household appliances, miscellaneous household items, and some construction materials or debris not produced by a contractor on Wednesday each week. (In instances where a contractor produces same the contractor shall be responsible for removal or the responsible party shall otherwise do so at his expense.) This service shall be available on a call-in basis only and is subject to placement as designated by the City. This service will be performed at a cost to the person requesting the same of $15. No person shall place any such item for collection without notifying the City of such placement at least two business days prior to scheduled pick-up.

Volume limits: No pile or placement of any of the materials referred to in this section shall exceed six cubic yards (or the equivalent of what can be fully contained in two standard one-half ton pickup truck beds without sideboards), unless by prior arrangement with the City and where a price to be paid by the owner for removal by the City has been agreed upon. The City shall have the right to refuse to remove larger loads and require the owner to cause the same to be removed himself or by contractor at the owner's expense.