City of Hartselle Recycling Update

Due to circumstances beyond the control of the City of Hartselle, the current Recycling Program will be suspended as of June 1, 2020. With the current situation there is not a vendor that will handle the material. We have exhausted efforts to find an economical source or alternative outlet that will allow the City to continue recycling.

While the City of Hartselle regrets this decision it comes along with other changes that have become necessary since COVID-19 came to our nation, state and communities.

If you have material in your blue bin, please place it on the curb on your normal household garbage pickup day along with your garbage container and it will be emptied. If you need additional space for household garbage during this time, please feel free to use the blue bin for recyclable materials and place it on the curb on your garbage pickup day. This will ensure the bin is not contaminated with household garbage.

The City of Hartselle hopes to resume recycling in the future and will keep you informed when this service will once again be available.