Please fill out the form as completely as possible. Missing information could result in the inability to confirm the existence of a violation. A street address is preferred and allows us to check pertinent information prior to making a field inspection, such as prior complaints and ownership. If no street address is available such as for a vacant lot, give the location as precisely as possible.

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    Abandoned vehicles should be reported to the police department. (256) 773-6534

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    Upon receipt of your complaint, an inspector will make a visit to the location. Once investigated and verified, the property owner will receive a warning notice of the violation and be given a time frame to correct the problem. The time frame will vary with the type of violation. Failure to correct the violation may result in the issuance of a work order. The owner will then be billed for the charges. Failure to pay any charges incurred will result in a lien being placed on the property.