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If you have a photo of any landscape, landmark, or event within the City of Hartselle, we want to see it! Photos may be displayed on the City’s homepage of the new website.

You can email photos to

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Free Standing Emergency Department

Please show your support for this project by printing, signing and mailing the letter below to the address at the top of the letter. You can also email the signed letter to

Earlier today Cullman Regional Medical Center CEO, James Clements announced that CRMC is requesting permission form the State of Alabama to build the first freestanding emergency department in North Alabama. The facility will be located in the Hartselle Health Park on Highway 31 North.

The Health Park has seen nearly 14,000 patients since it opened the doors in 2021, more than half were urgent care patients.

Cullman Regional recognizes an unmet healthcare need in Hartselle for local emergency care and is ready to meet that need.

The announcement was made this morning at a press conference at Hartselle Health Park.

Concern for lack of emergency care has been on the minds of many in Hartselle and the surrounding communities since the closure of Hartselle Medical Center by Capella in 2012.

This decision by CRMC to build a freestanding emergency department is also supported and welcomed by the administration of the City of Hartselle, the Mayor and City Council also.

This is great news for all citizens in Hartselle and our sister communities, many times minutes make a difference in life or death, long term survival and recovery for those needing immediate care.

Job Opening: Fall Concession & Scorekeepers





You can obtain a season employment application at or at either the Hartselle Municipal Building 611 Chestnut St. NW or Sparkman Civic Center 406 Nanceford Road Monday – Friday between the hours of 7:30 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. 

Open until filled. 


Job Opening – Firefighter

THE CITY OF HARTSELLE is accepting applications for FIREFIGHTER

Qualifications Required:

  1. A current *CPAT (Candidate Physical Ability Test)passing test score or a current AL Career Firefighter I Certification. Documentation required with application.
  2. A valid Alabama Driver’s license and be insurable.
  3. A High School Diploma or equivalency and must provide a successful Work Keys Test Score.
  4. Ability to work non-standard hours/overtime to provide 24-hour coverage.
  5. Selected applicants will be required to complete an extensive background check, physical and pass a drug screen.

Applications can be obtained at or at Hartselle Municipal Building 611 Chestnut St NW, Hartselle, AL 35640. Position open until filled.


*Additional CPAT information:

If you are not a current career Certified Firefighter you will have to submit a current CPAT test score. If you do not currently have a CPAT test score you can go to for a schedule of available CPAT locations.

Moving Day

The City of Hartselle Administration and Municipal Court offices will be moving into the new Municipal Building Monday, November 22. Both offices will be open until noon Monday at the 200 Sparkman St. NW location. Business can be transacted from 7:30 a.m. until noon on Monday at the current location.

At noon on Monday, the Sparkman St. location will be closed. City Hall operations will be closed for the remainder of the day Monday. Those needing to transact business on Monday will need to do so prior to noon.

Tuesday, November 23 all City Hall functions will be operational at the new location, 611 Chestnut St. NW. After the relocation normal hours of operation will continue as 7:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The public entrance to the new facility will be located on the North side of the building. Administrative offices will be located on the right (North) side of the 1st floor. Municipal Court offices will be located on the left (South) side of the 1st. floor. All functions of City Hall will be operational Tuesday morning.

All at the City of Hartselle are excited to be able to serve you in the new location. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. All nonessential offices of the City of Hartselle will be closed for the Thanksgiving holidays Thursday and Friday, November 25 and 26.

Job Opening – Patrol Officer


Starting Pay:

  • APOSTC: $21.70-$24.43/hr
  • non-APOST: $21.07/hr

Qualifications Required:

  1. A valid driver’s license and be insurable
  2. A High School Diploma or equivalency.
  3. Must pass a physical agility test.
  4. Must provide a successful Work Keys (Applicants with an Associate’s Degree or APOST certified are exempt from this requirement). Documentation required with application
  5. Selected applicants will be required to complete an extensive background check, credit check, pass a polygraph, physical and psychological exam and pass a drug screen.

Applications can be obtained on the City’s website or at Hartselle Municipal Building 611 Chestnut St. NW, Hartselle, AL 35640 Monday/Friday between the hours of 7:30 A.M./4:30 P.M.

Position open until filled.

Job Opening – Equipment Operator I


Minimum Starting Pay $16.69-$17.69/hour depending on Class B/A license

Minimum Requirements: Class B CDL with a clean driver history. Basic Skills associated with a High School Diploma

Benefits: State Retirement; Life/Health/Dental Insurance; Paid Holidays; Vacation/Sick Leave

Apply at Hartselle Municipal Building 611 Chestnut St NW, Hartselle, AL 35640 Monday – Friday between the hours of 7:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.

Open until filled.


Brush Fire at City of Hartselle Landfill

Saturday, February 13 at approximately 8:00 pm it was discovered a brush pile had spontaneously combusted at the City of Hartselle Landfill. The brush pile consists of limbs, pieces of trees, small brush, etc., which is picked up from homes in the City of Hartselle or brought into the landfill by citizens of Hartselle.

Also, the landfill is not on fire, just a pile of brush.

All the material in the brush pile is all natural.

Normally the material is ground into mulch periodically during the year.

However, in this instance the material combusted internally during normal chemical and physical breakdown.

As soon as the fire was detected Hartselle Public Works and Hartselle Fire & Rescue began the task of limiting the exposure of the fire and began the process of extinguishing the combustion.

With the fire being internal, spraying water on the burning material would not help the situation.

The Alabama Department of Environmental Management was notified of the fire and information was shared as to what was being done to extinguish the fire.

An ADEM representative has been on site and offered suggestions and both Public Works and Hartselle Fire have been following the recommendations to solve the issue.

With the burning beginning internally, the temperature has been extremely high, and caution and safety must be practiced by both Public Works employees as well as Hartselle Fire personnel.

Following advice from ADEM City employees began pulling small amounts of the smoldering and burning brush and debris from the burning pile with a track hoe, a piece of heavy equipment which runs on tracks and has a large scoop on the front.

Water was then applied to the burning material to extinguish the hot material.

Also, a retaining pond has been dug around the burning pile so that any water is retained and does not cause a runoff issue, as well as a silt fence, all recommended by ADEM, has been placed around the areas.

Work continued last week and this weekend with the same process taking place, with the addition of using a dozer to move the material and allowing the track hoe to move more of the material from the brush pile. Hartselle Fire & Rescue also was using a fire engine to increase the amount of water that could be used on the fire.

One of the issues continues with the extreme heat of the brush, as the material is pulled out the scoop on the track hoe must be cooled down with water very often to keep it from overheating. The scoop is digging directly into the burning material.

Weather conditions last week made the process slower as well. Also, with the damp, rainy and humid air around Hartselle the smoke hovered closer to the ground. On the days the sun was shining the smoke went straight up into the air and was dispersed instead of staying lower to the ground.

The process that was begun last week continues, slow as it might be progress is being made.

By the end of this week City employees feel the fire will be much more manageable and hope to have it completely extinguished by the end of next week.

Again, all the material is completely natural and with the weather conditions today again the smoke tends to hover instead of dispersing into the atmosphere.

Hartselle Public Works and Hartselle Fire & Rescue have worked endless hours from the time the fire began and continue doing so, making sure they stay safe as well.

The process is slow, but the task will be completed. Some of what is thought to be smoke is steam from the process of extinguishing the material as well as the rain falling on the material which increases the amount of smoke.

The City of Hartselle Administration has been aware of the situation and has closely monitored it since the fire began on February 13.

The City of Hartselle Administration and employees certainly understands the public concern over this matter, but all can be assured that the landfill itself is not burning and no hazardous materials are involved. As stated, this only involves the brush pile, which consists solely of all-natural plant material and which is in its own separate area away from all other materials.   The City is not ignoring or  failing to take action to manage this situation, and is acting diligently, but prudently,  in resolving the situation with the guidance and advice of ADEM, which was notified promptly of the situation,  and will continue to do so.     

 “As to the future, the City has recently budgeted , purchased, and and is installing a state-of-the art  air curtain incinerator for disposal of such materials, which will not only dispose of these materials in a manner friendly to the environment,  but extend the service life of the landfill significantly. The air curtain incinerator has also been approved and permitted by ADEM.”