Commercial Building Permit – Fee Notice

Effective Immediately

On June 3, 2015 Governor Bentley signed Act 2015-308 creating a Construction Industry Craft Training program to be administered by the Alabama Craft Training Board for the purpose of funding training programs for the development of a quality workforce to support the construction industry in the State of Alabama.

What this means is ALL COMMERCIAL permits will be charged $1.00 per $1,000.00 of the job cost that is submitted with your application. Example: If your job cost is $10,000.00 a fee of $10.00 will be added making your total building permit cost $75.00.

The money collected will go to the State of Alabama to support the above training programs. The City of Hartselle receives none of the proceeds.
If you have any questions contact Katherine Lynn, Assistant Finance Director or Frank Barnes, Director, Construction Management at 1-334-242-4082.

Sorry for any inconvenience, but all municipalities are required to collect this fee for the State.

Hartselle Department of Development

Commercial Incentives

The City of Hartselle has an active commercial development incentive program, consisting of two different incentive options:

Development Incentive Option #1

Development Incentive Option #1 is designed for all developers. This program will reimburse a developer for up to 100% of any required public infrastructure improvements based on new sales tax dollars created by the individual development. The level of reimbursement is based, per development, on a percentage of collected sales tax, less educational earmarks, paid back quarterly over a maximum of five years.

Examples of reimbursable public infrastructure improvements available under this program are: Deceleration Lanes, Left Turn Lanes, Traffic Signals, Public Roadway Construction, Drainage Improvements, Utility Line Extensions on Public Rights of Way, Dedicated Easements, Utility Availability Fees, and Tap Fees. The City of Hartselle requires a signed agreement with the developer before construction begins on the project in order to take advantage of this program.

Development Incentive Option #2

Development Incentive Option #2 features the use of Star Bonds to assist in funding new development projects. Hartselle is one of few Alabama cities currently offering Star Bonds. We petitioned the State of Alabama for a special amendment in order to offer your organization this competitive opportunity. Development Incentive Option #2 is a cutting edge program with few restrictions. Funds from Star Bonds may be used to pay for any part of the project development. The bonds issued through Development Incentive Option #2 retire with the new sales tax dollars generated by the development. In order to qualify for this plan, the City of Hartselle requires a development to produce a minimum of one million dollars annually in sales tax revenue.

For more information on these programs and their potential application to your project, please contact the Department of Development at (256) 773-0188.

I-65 Development

The City of Hartselle owns 14+ acres of prime commercial land at I-65 exit 328. This property is currently in two tracts, and is immediately adjacent to Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. This property may be divided to suit compatible commercial and/or hospitality developments.

For more information on this opportunity and surrounding available properties, please contact the Department of Development at (256) 773-0188

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