After many weeks of diligent work by Hartselle Human Resources, Parks & Recreation Director and staff and City Administration, the decision has been reached that the Hartselle Aquatic Center will not open this year.

As was stated on May 29, the Hartselle Aquatic Center would open if enough lifeguards could be hired, certified and trained by the proposed opening date. As of today there are less than half the number required trained and certified. At this time, it is not expected that more certified applicants will apply.

While there were several applications, the City of Hartselle was not able to obtain the necessary training and certification for the new applicants. All involved were hopeful many from Pt. Mallard and other pools that decided not to open would apply for Hartselle Aquatic Center, but that has not happened.

This has been a difficult decision, and one not made lightly. However, the Aquatic Center simply cannot open and operate without the number of lifeguards required.

All at the City of Hartselle wanted and worked hard for some type of season for the pool this year, but that is not going to be possible.

The pool will also not be open for aerobics, lap swimming, private parties or swimming lessons.

Again, The City of Hartselle regrets having to make this decision, but at this point there are no other solutions.

Please refer to the Hartselle Aquatic Center Facebook, City of Hartselle Facebook page or Hartselle Parks and Recreation Facebook page for refund information on season passes and cups.